How to Lose Potential Customers – 5 Easy Steps

I know, if you’re in the business world, you are all about gaining those customers. But, I’m here to share some tips as a customer from some experiences I recently had. Let me give you some background: my husband & I live tiny. We live in less than 200 square feet in the trailer I boughtContinue reading “How to Lose Potential Customers – 5 Easy Steps”

Missing My Husband After Only a Day – So, Launching My New Mini E-book!

As you may know, I recently got married (just about 6 weeks ago). And, my husband has been out of town on for business for just over 24 hours, and he won’t be home until late tomorrow night… Good news: I miss him like crazy already! Bad news: I miss him like crazy. Since he’sContinue reading “Missing My Husband After Only a Day – So, Launching My New Mini E-book!”

Another Letter to Me

I have been away again…though, I have a few posts written & ready, I have been hesitant to share them, and I am not completely sure why. So, I’m back for Tuesday @ 10. The theme this week is: “If I Could Write a Letter to Past Me…” Some of my readers know I did this a whileContinue reading “Another Letter to Me”

The Growing

This week’s Tuesday @ 10 word is “Grow”… so many ways one can go with that. But, tonight, I don’t feel much grown. After many tears today, especially the last couple of hours, my eyes burn; left my throat sore & raw, my lungs burning from irregular air flow. My body exhausted. Instead of feelingContinue reading “The Growing”

Faith & Forgiveness

Forgiveness is this week’s Tuesday @ 10 theme…and Keep is this week’s 5 Minute Friday theme. Both are hitting close to home today. Back in December I touched on an incident at work, a complaint about me. Well, that complainant did go to corporate, who sent it back to my manager. My manager investigated, andContinue reading “Faith & Forgiveness”