In single life, you don't have to let anyone in. You don't have to be vulnerable and wonder if they can/want to handle it. There is always fear in vulnerability.


Trust in Home

"The best proof of Love is Trust" - Dr. Joyce Brothers In 2012, I participated in One Word, and the word God laid on my heart for that year was Trust. So, this is not a new topic me. As a matter of fact, God brings it back to me time & time again. Because I struggle here... I … Continue reading Trust in Home


I am so tired right now, I just want to sleep...I even considered skipping writing today, but now, I'm in the habit. I can't sleep without putting thoughts to page for the world to see - especially in the midst of this 31 Day challenge writing about being Beloved - Agapetos. Since it's Tuesday, I … Continue reading Waiting…


So I kind of feel as if I am writing this post just for me, but sometimes that happens I guess...For much of my life I have battled with intense anxiety...over everything! It has done a number on my life: limiting my social abilities, my adaptation abilities, my spiritual life, everything.I hold on very closely … Continue reading Anxiety