I Want to Submit

My submission is called to be different than his. Mine revolves around due respect, of him, of his position, of our relationship, and of Christ's headship over both of us. His revolves around the command to love & sacrifice, caring for me as Christ does his church.


Rainstorm (Ascent from Madness)

Time for another flash fiction post ­čÖé I am quite enjoying using the 5 minute time-frame to write something not only flash in length, but time written in. Also, doing these little flash fiction posts has re-ignited┬ámy ┬álove for writing fiction, so I've decided that once our #Write31Days challenge has ended, I'm going to once … Continue reading Rainstorm (Ascent from Madness)


I just realized I didn't post yesterday ­čś│ Oh well, sometimes, we don't do things perfectly. And, honestly, I'm so exhausted tonight that I'm struggling to think of what to write...often, at the end of a trying week, I struggle to find my creativity... but, now, it's the weekend. A time of resting and relaxing. … Continue reading Weekend