Soul Cadence Village is Open – Membership for SAHM/WFHM

I’m so excited. After spending the last month revamping and completely updating some of the materials inside the membership -Soul Cadence Village is now open! What is the Soul Cadence Village, you ask? So glad you did! Soul Cadence Village is THE online membership for stay at home, work from home, or business/ministry owner mommasContinue reading “Soul Cadence Village is Open – Membership for SAHM/WFHM”

Where was Love?

The title of the article captured me: The Opposite of Addiction is Connection… What an interesting thought. I haven’t had time to read the article, but I intend to. Especially now, following the events of Sunday night. Just as hate cannot coexist with love. And after an event like this, we can’t help but wonder, where wasContinue reading “Where was Love?”

A Rose by Any Other Name…

I’ve read several articles about “functional” anxiety and depression…though, by definition, anxiety and depression impair functioning… However, in today’s world, we recognize we still have to somehow live our lives… When people picture anxiety and depression, they often imagine the extremes. We picture that commercial where depression is the robe that never leaves us. Or weContinue reading “A Rose by Any Other Name…”

It’s a Process

In the field I work in, it is estimated that up to 67% of us experience high levels of burnout…something we can experience at any time in our careers, not just the later years. Combine my drive with perfection and my world-view that tells me to put everyone else above myself: I am a primeContinue reading “It’s a Process”

Step of Faith

I’m sitting at my computer, looking at colleges to apply as an adjunct professor for psychology…and I’m terrified… I feel unqualified & inexperienced… But, I know it is part of my calling, part of my desire, and teaching is something that makes me come alive… Why do steps of faith leave us in such terror?Continue reading “Step of Faith”

I Carry It All

In the back of my Bible are 2 very special pages; my war-room. Actually, I got the idea from The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg.  It’s two facing pages that I keep prayer requests & prayer prompts on. Many just names, or names & ways to pray for them.  Scrawled in the middle of one of thoseContinue reading “I Carry It All”