He’s Loving Me Through It All

“Nothing catches God off guard” While catching up on daily work for the Women’s Bible study I’m in, this captured me. Something I’ve heard a million & one times before. But, tonight, I think I needed a reminder. NOTHING¬†catches God off guard – –¬†not even my heartache He’s known it all from the beginning. So,Continue reading “He’s Loving Me Through It All”

Wednesday Musings

Some days just feel…hopeless. Like, what am I doing this for? How can I possibly make a difference in the world? There’s just too much ugly garbage… But, then, there are days like today (which started off as that), but remind me that, even by affecting change for one person, I’ve impacted the world inContinue reading “Wednesday Musings”

Meaningful Message

A while back, I posted about an Embracing Single Life challenge…which I only did a few days of at the time. Tonight, I was wondering what to write about for today’s post; so, since this 31 days is about exactly that, I went back to look at day 14. That day’s challenge was “Draw somethingContinue reading “Meaningful Message”