A Rose by Any Other Name…

I’ve read several articles about “functional” anxiety and depression…though, by definition, anxiety and depression impair functioning… However, in today’s world, we recognize we still have to somehow live our lives… When people picture anxiety and depression, they often imagine the extremes. We picture that commercial where depression is the robe that never leaves us. Or weContinue reading “A Rose by Any Other Name…”

5MF – Family

“Love begins at home, and it’s not how much we do…but how much love we put into that action” – Mother Theresa “I cannot people today, mom”.  That’s an actual text I sent my mom yesterday morning. Blurry eyes attempting to focus on the figure in my doorway – an impossible feat without my glasses.Continue reading “5MF – Family”

#WorkitWednesday – Defining Moment

I know it’s the wee hours of Thursday morning, I just didn’t have the chance to write this on yesterday. I was hoping to be able to combine it with the theme of Tuesday @ 10, and I think it works well: Defining Moment See, I’ve recently been really ill. (Aside from getting over a nasty cold)Continue reading “#WorkitWednesday – Defining Moment”

Paint & Healing

It’s friday… As a matter of fact, it’s really only Friday for another 15 minutes. Today has been a long day, one that began hours before I am used to (who knew there was a 5:45 in the A.M.?) Friday’s mean Five Minute Friday.  I got the prompt last night before bed & had itContinue reading “Paint & Healing”

Depression Hurts…Love can Help

If you’ve never experienced it yourself, depression seems like a foreign language. Even if someone close to you has gone through it, you still don’t fully grasp the effect it has on a life. For nearly 10 years, I struggled with the darkness of depression. The black cloud covered my life, making it nearly impossibleContinue reading “Depression Hurts…Love can Help”


Today is a Five Minute Friday. This means I will write for five minutes. No editing; no over-thinking. Today, the prompt from Lisa-Jo is STORY. Ready? GO:Each of us has a story. Each story has its own highs & lows; plot twists & cliffs hangers. My story has taken me all over the place and backContinue reading “Story”