Step of Faith

I’m sitting at my computer, looking at colleges to apply as an adjunct professor for psychology…and I’m terrified… I feel unqualified & inexperienced… But, I know it is part of my calling, part of my desire, and teaching is something that makes me come alive… Why do steps of faith leave us in such terror?Continue reading “Step of Faith”

Walking Forward in Faith

You ever let fear hold you back from something – something you know you want to do, maybe even something you know you’d be good at. I’m there right now. There is a career move, job experience I would like to get.  One that people have been telling me they could see me in sinceContinue reading “Walking Forward in Faith”

“The List”

Finally participating in 5 Minute Friday again. The rules are: write for 5 minutes. No over-thinking; no over-editing. This week’s prompt is: Middle Ready? GO “Oh, he’s married, so he’s off the table”, I joked at a restaurant with some friends. “Man, you just make it so hard to set you up”, a friend joked back. “No, no.Continue reading ““The List””

How I Met…

You know, I’m not sure that meet-cutes happen much anymore. You know the stories: Boy meets girl: eyes meet across the room; they both reach for the same apple; they bump into each other on the sidewalk; and the list goes on. Then, they fall in love. #SoulMates No, I just don’t know how oftenContinue reading “How I Met…”