Making Space

So, in 4 days, I’m getting married. Anyone who has been following this blog may remember when I hadn’t even been on a date.  Now, 4 years later, I’m getting married. Not to the Airman or any other first dates along the way (all few of them). But, to my fella. Now, when I boughtContinue reading “Making Space”

Ah, Back to Ireland.

2013 was the last time I got the opportunity to visit Ireland. I have been twice for ministry opportunities. Now, I have the opportunity to return this July. I.Am.So.Excited. Each time I go there, I fall more & more in love: with the place, the people, and spreading the Love of God across the ocean.Continue reading “Ah, Back to Ireland.”

Broken Road

God has awakened in me a restless & wandering heart. A heart that desires to see a passion for Him awaken among the nation’s youth. A heart that desires to connect to the hurting & broken, hearing their stories, observing the beauty of Creation – all over this nation and across some others. God has called my heart to adventure…

“I’m Not Nothing!”

“I’m not nothing! I was never nothing! The power you have I don’t need!” -Emma Swan ‘Once Upon A Time’ Every Sunday, this sentence comes out of my mouth at least once: “It’s Once Upon A Time Time!” And, in tonight’s episode, in response to a dark voice in her ear, in a show ofContinue reading ““I’m Not Nothing!””

Visiting Home

She pulled up to the large building – a mostly brick facade that had clearly experienced many add-ons and renovations over the years.  She looked at the clock, 9:25. Five minutes until the start of service. She quickly grabbed her purse and walked through the packed parking lot to the back to the church. SheContinue reading “Visiting Home”

#LovelySunday – HOPE

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” – Proverbs 13:12 I did it.  I packed up my life, loaded as much of it into my car as would fit, and drove across country with my mom. Back to a place I never thought I’d call home again.Continue reading “#LovelySunday – HOPE”

Who Am I…I am..

This week’s Tuesday @ 10 prompt is: Who am I? I am… and Five Minute Friday is Learn. So, here we go… Just over 9 years ago, I graduated high school, packed up my life, and left Oklahoma to return to the sunny shores of California. Now, in a little less than a month, IContinue reading “Who Am I…I am..”

The Beauty of Rejection

I have experienced a lot of rejection in my life… And, I’m not just talking about from guys, although, that has been a lot of it. Schools, jobs, friends, even fellow Christians. And, it sucks. I often wonder…What if…? What if this person hadn’t rejected me? What if I had gotten this job? What ifContinue reading “The Beauty of Rejection”