3 Ways to Boost Productivity + What I’ve Been Up To

Tiny Nephesh Coaching & Ministry has officially launched!I am focused and passionate about empowering women to overcome stress/anxiety/overwhelm/sheer exhaustion , and trade them for clarity/control/peace of mind in/productivity order to love their life again.

All By Myself – I Do What I Gotta Do

So, here we are, almost to the end of the month… I’m not sure if I’ve really gotten much in the way of singleness – but, the beautiful thing about this point in my life is: it’s really all the #SingleLife. I mean, I am single, and content…so, it’s all about that single life. And,Continue reading “All By Myself – I Do What I Gotta Do”


As a perpetual, and likely lifelong, student, today’s theme word for #Write31Days #5MinuteFreeWrites struck a cord with me: STUDY I mean, I could go so many different directions with this one! But, really, the only direction that matters, is how I use this time as a single lady to study His Word. After all, PaulContinue reading “#KnowHisWord”