Why Tiny?

So, I’ve talked before about my dream to live in a tiny house and travel to do youth ministry.  I have gone through several stages of what/how/when, all the important questions. But, I know a lot of people wonder about the why… So, why tiny? Because there is so much, too much Too much beauty outContinue reading “Why Tiny?”

O, Tannenbaum

Oh, I am so excited. Since I’m single – and live with my sister – I get to decorate for fall however I want… Enter the black Christmas Tree 🙂 I am going to decorate it for fall/halloween…then, switch it over for Christmas. I suspect, this will help curb my need to decorate for ChristmasContinue reading “O, Tannenbaum”

Broken Road

God has awakened in me a restless & wandering heart. A heart that desires to see a passion for Him awaken among the nation’s youth. A heart that desires to connect to the hurting & broken, hearing their stories, observing the beauty of Creation – all over this nation and across some others. God has called my heart to adventure…

The Eyes Have It

In my 30 Day Embracing the Single Life Challenge, today is day 5, and I honestly wasn’t planning on a post today – especially after having a bigger case of the Mondays this week than I did last week… But day 5’s challenge is to write about one physical characteristic I love about myself and why – so,Continue reading “The Eyes Have It”