Soul Cadence Coaching

Here at Soul Cadence, there are three ways to gain experience and support in navigating motherhood, chronic illness, and reclaiming your dreams for a fulfilling life.

First, there’s all the free content. Check out the blog for, the free resource library, and the social media for tips, tricks, and community.

If you want more detailed, focused, and personalized work to help you find rhythm and harmony in motherhood, wellness, and business/ministry/hobby, I two paid offers for you:

First, offer the Soul Cadence Village – a year long academy program. Join other moms like yourself to reclaim your dreams and live fulfilled in the face of chronic illness.

For one on one work, I have a small amount of individual coaching spots available. Work with me for 6 months to: cultivate calm in the chaos, create rhythm & harmony in all areas of life, find abundance in what’s going on right now, and curate simple systems that work for you, your family, your wellness needs, and your business/ministry/hobby.

Want to know if we’re a good fit? Let’s chat. You can book a call with me and we can navigate if we’re a good fit, and you can leave with a simple system to get you going.


  • Is this just for writers?
    • While I work a lot with writers, this is for any momma trying to build up a creative business or ministry. I have a special passion for mommas with chronic or ongoing health/mental health struggles, who want this creative biz or ministry to come to life. So, any momma with a creative passion is welcome.
  • Is it just for women?
    • I do primarily work with women – because I work with moms. I know others may want to be in the creative biz/ministry, but my heart/call is to work with other mommas. There is so much that goes on in my coaching and in the Soul Cadence Village that only mommas would relate to, and so much about how I connect is around womanhood and marriage, and motherhood.
  • Do I have to be someone with a chronic health or mental health issue?
    • Of course not! I welcome mommas from all walks of life, and anywhere on the health spectrum. I just want other mommas who are navigating those precarious issues to know there is a place for them that understands what it’s like to be a creative with chronic conditions, and as such, there will be tools designed specifically for them.
  • One of the biggest struggles I have with this passion project/creative biz/ministry is how to do it all: be the mom, the wife, the business owner, I want to be, while navigating these overwhelming things like burnout, mental illness, chronic illness, or other responsibilities. I want to work from home, but leaving my full time job or picking up work from home feels overwhelming. Will I find tools and resources here for that?
    • Yes! In fact, in the FREE resource library, there are resources you can look through to assess if you should work from home, what kind of job you could work, self-care working from home, growing your brand on IG, and goal tracking pages to help get you started. Inside the membership there are so many more tools to help you discover where to start, and how to grow, as well as practical resources for cultivating calm in the chaos, rhythm & harmony in the day to day, finding abundance where it already exists, and how to create your personalized, simple systems for your family and business/ministry. We go deep into the 3 areas us moms need support: home+family, business/ministry, and self-care. [I go even deeper in the 1-1 coaching, and help you get even more personalized for your creative journey].
  • There are some anxieties or other mindset blocks that keep me stuck, do you help with that?
    • Absolutely. As a retired therapist turned coach and teacher, I have tools and resources, as well as coaching that really goes after these mental blocks that come up for us as we try to do things we want/dream of. Our anxieties and blocks can come up a lot in the form of mom-guilt, which we will begin to dismantle. I utilize ideologies from both my MFT training and my coach training to help break down these hindering mindsets.
  • How much time is required?
    • Each month there is a live group coaching call, and a FB live for book club. Outside of pop-up lives that occur every few weeks, the membership is self-paced. You’ll get out of it what you put in. 
    • For the one-one coaching, you’ll have 45 minutes of coaching every week, as well as critiques, and more. We will work personally to set up your goal/plan, and work deeply on those mindset blocks
  • Is there personalized feedback on our projects and creative ideas? Or the content we’re creating for these businesses?
    • There will be limited 1-1 critique spots available for members. In the membership, you’ll have instructions on how you can sign up for yours. Monthly critique spots will be first come first serve.
  • What if I’m not on facebook?
    • You’ll get everything you need in the membership portal, but the facebook group has a lot of extra content and community that may be limited in the membership portal itself.
  • Do you work with moms who want to be fiction authors?
    • As a fiction author myself, YES! I have some complete courses in the CRASH creative academy focused exactly on crafting fiction stories. I write fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, so there are resources for all of these types of writing. 
  • What is the time-frame for engagement in the program? 
    • The payment options are for a year or month-month for 12 months. You can renew if you’d like. There are many different trainings that will come month to month, each payment option will give you access. (If you purchased lifetime access, you don’t have to pay to renew, you continue to have access to the course).
  • What if I’m a beginner just starting?
    • This is a great place for you. Welcome!
  • What if I’ve been at this a while, but I’m wanting to grow.
    • You have a place here, too, Welcome!