Relationships Reflect

"You look tired." Honestly, it's unfortunate the number of times this has been said to me in the past 6 weeks or so... Those around me aren't intending to be rude or anything like that. But, it's shocking to hear over and over. See, relationships are reflections for us. They show us what's going on … Continue reading Relationships Reflect


What I’ve Learned

Man, I really need to get into this writing every day groove...and I know I will. Tonight, I got to spend time with my fella. But, he lives in that weird middle distance away from me, so he had to make the 2 hour trip home. I can't wait til there's no distance. After he … Continue reading What I’ve Learned

A Rose by Any Other Name…

I've read several articles about "functional" anxiety and depression...though, by definition, anxiety and depression impair functioning... However, in today's world, we recognize we still have to somehow live our lives... When people picture anxiety and depression, they often imagine the extremes. We picture that commercial where depression is the robe that never leaves us. Or we … Continue reading A Rose by Any Other Name…