*Single Life

Hi. I’m 25 26 27 28 and what I like to call “chronically single.” My cousin calls me a “rare Unicorn,” because at 25, I had never been on a date…never been kissed.

Here, you will find the landing page for all my posts on singleness. If you’re wondering about the dating & relationship Adventures, well, click that link 🙂

For me, this is my reality. And, until someone who is passionately in pursuit of Christ, who also wants to pursue me, comes along, this will continue to be my reality.

But, I’m embracing it. I love being a Unicorn!



And, this year, for my #Write31Days challenge, I will be writing about this lovely single life (and may bring some friends along for the ride)…

31 Days #SingleLife

  1. Survival
  2. Where Dreams are Born
  3. Ascent from Madness (part 1?)
  4. …But, the Joy of the Lord is My Strength 
  5. Absorb the Silence
  6. O, Tannenbaum
  7. Tonight’s Self-Care
  8. Preparation in the Waiting
  9. Gratitude
  10. Unknown
  11. Ascent from Madness (2)
  12. Sky (Ascent from Madness)
  13. What Dreams May Come
  14. Meaningful Message
  15. What a Girl [Doesn’t] Want
  16. Sometimes, Little is Just Enough
  17. #KnowHisWord
  18. Neighbor
  19. Wednesday Musings
  20. Weekend
  21. #Someday
  22. Oh, Monday
  23. All By Myself – I Do What I Gotta Do
  24. Choices
  25. How I Met…
  26. Rainstorm (Ascent from Madness)
  27. I Want To Submit
  28. Halloween
  29. Why I Should Probably Work Part-Time When I’m a Mom…

Embracing the Single Life