Missing My Husband After Only a Day – So, Launching My New Mini E-book!

As you may know, I recently got married (just about 6 weeks ago). And, my husband has been out of town on for business for just over 24 hours, and he won’t be home until late tomorrow night… Good news: I miss him like crazy already! Bad news: I miss him like crazy. Since he’sContinue reading “Missing My Husband After Only a Day – So, Launching My New Mini E-book!”

I Carry It All

In the back of my Bible are 2 very special pages; my war-room. Actually, I got the idea from The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg.  It’s two facing pages that I keep prayer requests & prayer prompts on. Many just names, or names & ways to pray for them.  Scrawled in the middle of one of thoseContinue reading “I Carry It All”

Rainstorm (Ascent from Madness)

Time for another flash fiction post 🙂 I am quite enjoying using the 5 minute time-frame to write something not only flash in length, but time written in. Also, doing these little flash fiction posts has re-ignited my  love for writing fiction, so I’ve decided that once our #Write31Days challenge has ended, I’m going to onceContinue reading “Rainstorm (Ascent from Madness)”

Sky (Ascent from Madness)

Tonight’s prompt is sky…and after a long day, I’m not sure I can come up with anything for that…so, more flash fiction…enjoy I lay looking up at the sky. Always a good way to be grounded. I love this journey I’m on, experiencing new places. And looking at new pieces of sky. Boat…I tell myself lookingContinue reading “Sky (Ascent from Madness)”

Ascent from Madness (2)

I have been doing a terrible job of keeping up with the prompts for the 5 Minute Free Write challenge this month, but it’s ok…I’ve been doing pretty well with the 5 minute time limit, so, it counts, right? Tonight, another 5 minute flash fiction session (see my first, here)… Ascent from Madness (2) ThankContinue reading “Ascent from Madness (2)”

Ascent from Madness (part 1?)

  So, I’m doing this #Write31Days…and joining up with 5 Minute Free Writes…but, as someone fashion senseless…I’m not really feeling today’s prompt word “Wardrobe”… So, tonight, I’m going rogue… And, since this month is all about the #SingleLife, one of the perks of being single is that after a long day at my day job,Continue reading “Ascent from Madness (part 1?)”

Five Years

This week’s 5 Minute Friday prompt is: Five The rules are, write 5 minutes, no over-thinking, no over-editing… Ready? GO It’s been 5 years to the month that Laura Noelle & I put our BIG DREAMS into practice… What feels like a lifetime ago. We launched our own business, saw it grow only minutely, but felt such supportContinue reading “Five Years”