A Beginning and an End

I once wrote about Goodbye being hello in disguise... And, that's what I'm here to share today. A goodbye that is really a hello in disguise. First the AMAZING news: I'm going to be a mom! That's right! In a little over 6 months, my husband & I will be greeting our little bundle. not sure … Continue reading A Beginning and an End



So, here I am on a Monday night after a crazy 11 hour work day. Cooked artichokes for dinner, settled in for TV with my sister, and snuggled up with a blanket & Scentsy buddy... As usual, the future is unknown. But, I know I will be prepared. I don't want to always be working … Continue reading Unknown


There have been several days during this challenge when I didn't feel like writing...But, the desire to finish the challenge is just too strong. So, tonight, I'm using the Five Minute Friday prompt...even though it's Monday 🙂 The goal is: write 5 minutes, no overthinking, no extensive editing, just write what comes to mind: Long … Continue reading Long

Day 8 of Beloved

"As He also says in Hosea: 'I will call them My people who were not my people, And her beloved, who was not beloved." - Romans 9:25 (ref Hosea 2:23)   Because, even when we are far from Him, even when we act/react otherwise, we are still beloved if we are part of His family.