All By Myself – I Do What I Gotta Do

So, here we are, almost to the end of the month... I'm not sure if I've really gotten much in the way of singleness - but, the beautiful thing about this point in my life is: it's really all the #SingleLife. I mean, I am single, and, it's all about that single life. And, … Continue reading All By Myself – I Do What I Gotta Do


Oh, Monday

There are a lot of days, since I'm early in my career, that I find myself wondering "what am I doing? Am I doing what I'm supposed to? Am I educationally or emotionally prepared for what I'm doing?" I mean, of course I am, this is all a part of the process. It's the act … Continue reading Oh, Monday

It’s Time

Because, honestly, the church has, as a whole, been extremely irresponsible when it comes to Mental Health concerns & abuse...But, I will no longer stay silent. I will give a voice - finally, a true & honest voice - to my pain, my struggle. I will no longer live in fear or walk on eggshells.