Candice C – Counseling&Coaching

Counseling & Coaching for times of transition and burnout.


Location: Online & Tulsa, Oklahoma

Why Counseling or Coaching?

Do you put yourself last? Are you experiencing “stuckness” or burn out? Have you recently lost a loved one or job? Are you experiencing a big life transition? Concerned about your relationship with your spouse or children? Concerned about your child’s performance in school?

Counseling or coaching can come along side you in each of these areas and more. I have been working in this field for years with children, teens, couples, families, groups, and individuals.

Counseling focuses on healing past hurts and resolving the past. Coaching focuses on direction and vision for the future. Both or either can help you become the happiest, healthiest you. Allowing you to become who you want to be, living the most authentic life you can.

For me, none of this can happen without Christ first, as He is the center of it all. Click the links above for more information.