**About Me**

Hello, friends!

Just wanted to introduce myself.

I’m 29 years old. A Christ-follower. An author. A Mental Health worker. A friend.

Beautifully, Chronically single…I’m quite the rare unicorn. (Though, as of February 10, 2018, my single journey becomes a permanent duo journey).

I recently took a big leap of faith & moved half-way across country, back to a place I never thought I’d live again, just to see what kinds of wonderful doors God would open up.

I have a passion for using art and writing to spread a message of faith, love, and healing to young people across the country. Much like everyone else, I have always dabbled in a lot of things. But, I’ve always had two main passions: Writing and Helping others overcome circumstances to live meaningful, fulfilled lives in artistic ways.

Welcome to my cozy corner…get comfy & stay a while.

I’d love to connect with you on social media:

Facebook page: CJ_AgapetosBlog

Twitter: @candicejenee

Instagram: @candice_jenee

Email: scentfilledsoul@gmail.com

Ministry: Tiny Nephesh

Amazon Author Page: Candice Jenee’



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