Why Tiny?

So, I’ve talked before about my dream to live in a tiny house and travel to do youth ministry.  I have gone through several stages of what/how/when, all the important questions. But, I know a lot of people wonder about the why… So, why tiny? Because there is so much, too much Too much beauty outContinue reading “Why Tiny?”


I Carry It All

In the back of my Bible are 2 very special pages; my war-room. Actually, I got the idea from The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg.  It’s two facing pages that I keep prayer requests & prayer prompts on. Many just names, or names & ways to pray for them.  Scrawled in the middle of one of thoseContinue reading “I Carry It All”

Church that isn’t “Church”

I am so thankful God has placed so many of these brave souls in my life, as leaders, teachers, and friends. I am so thankful that, so far, many of them wanted nothing more for me than to follow where God leads…

What a Girl [Doesn’t] Want

As a single, Christian girl in 2016, life can get lonely. But, I know I’d rather serve God alone than live a worldly life with the wrong person.

Preparation in the Waiting

But, this time is a beautiful time I get to use to grow into the calling God has place on my life, to build a life I love…

Stewardship…or something

When I read these passages, I am reminded: my body & this earth are not my own. I am meant to be a steward of them, and take care of them.