I have an announcement!!

So, I should have known that writing 31 days wouldn’t work this year. Just with where I am in life and what’s going on, it doesn’t lend itself to that.

So, I am going to add those posts to my “Adventures in Dating” page – which will now be “Dating & Relationships”.

And, why is so much going on? Well, I work in Oklahoma in the mental health field, and Oklahoma is about to decimate that realm…but that’s new news, and I’m trying to trust that God knows why He brought me here if that is going to be the case…

But, that’s not my big announcement. My big announcement is:

Photo Credit: Little Seester 🙂


That’s right. Engaged.

I went from being the unicorn who had never been kissed to my first date to my first breakup/heart ache to more singleness.

And, now, God has blessed me with my fella, the “white stag” I’ve been praying for all of these years to match my own unicorn soul.

Honestly, with everything as uncertain and questionable as it is becoming for me in so many areas, I know that if God brought me back to Oklahoma only to meet my guy, it was all worth it.

I’ve hoped for someone who feels like home, without believing it was actually possible. Now, though, I know that it is possible, because when he’s so far away, I feel homesick. I am in a relationship that makes me really understand the Brontë quote:

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

– Emily Brontë

I am so excited to see what God does in and through us in the future. And, during the rest of October, there will be a few more relationship posts.
But for now, I am just going to go and enjoy a free night and a free weekend, which I haven’t had in such a long time…