Relationships Reflect

“You look tired.”

Honestly, it’s unfortunate the number of times this has been said to me in the past 6 weeks or so…

Those around me aren’t intending to be rude or anything like that. But, it’s shocking to hear over and over.

See, relationships are reflections for us. They show us what’s going on with us.

What’s going on with me? Well, I’m exhausted. There is a lot going on with me, and in the lives of those around me.

I am stressing about a lot of things, and trying to make sure there are plans in place, and wishing I could just become a fly by the seat of my pants type person…but, alas, at this exact moment in my life, that’s a part of my personality I must shut off for now.

Lately, self care (obviously important to me) & sleep have been lacking in my life. Unfortunately, those around me have begun noticing.

And, my relationships are reflecting that back to me.

None of us live in a vacuum. The relationships we have, whether family, friends, coworkers, etc., they reflect us. Who we are, what we’re going through, what we hope to be.

They reflect back to us in: interactions, comments, looks & glances, and more.

I don’t like what is being reflected back to me recently, so I know something must change. I’m not sure exactly what that is, but I know I’m going to start small.

A night of self care is what’s ahead for me, including my diffuser diffusing & my favorite mug full of my favorite hot drink: