Preparation in the Waiting

“That’s something that worries me about dating at this age. Either girls are super independent and set in their ways, you know like you. Or they just have never learned to grow up and we have to take care of em…”

I heard this while talking to a single guy about dating at our age.

And, to be fair to his statement, I had said earlier that it would take an amazing man to change my single status. So, I get it…

One of the beautiful things about this time of life is that I get to be independent and build a life I love…

But, the thing is, I am building a life I love and look forward to sharing with that amazing man.

In the mean time, I get to use this time to decide what kind of person I am and will continue to grow into – which includes the kind of wife and mom I will one day be.

I know I want to build a tiny house, and do some traveling ministry. And, while I pray that includes a partner, I know I can be ok if it doesn’t.

I know I want to live a more healthy and sustainable life; as well as a life that is surrounded by beauty and peace in such a crazy and at times ugly world.

I pray each day for the man God will bring, even though I am currently taking a break from online dating, and really, there aren’t any real prospects around.
He’s somewhere. So, I pray each day.

Until God brings our lives together, and we begin doing His work together, I will continue to grow towards the person I want to be – getting my own health and well-being in order. If I manage that, it’s one less hurdle he & I have when we get together (and, honestly, I hope he’s doing the same).

This is why I enjoy decorating for fall, keeping this blog, watching hours of tiny house footage, and Bible doodles (among other things). All of these are working on me to become the me I love and am proud to be…They contribute to my mental well-being.

This is also why I have begun to sell Scentsy again.

My work in the mental health field thus far have taught me some important things about myself:

  • I don’t want to always work full-time. Especially if I have a partner & then kids. I want to be the supplemental income, and spend time caring for my family. I want to be a partner in my husband’s ministry & a support in our home life.
  • I cannot always work full-time in the field without experiencing burn-out. There is so much negative emotion. I need other things in my day to off-set it.
  • I really do want to continue my education, and go for my PhD…I will need to find ways to fund that, in as little work hours as I can manage (enter Scentsy, a few hours of counseling, and a Tiny House…God can make all of this work, right?)

Often, this time of singleness feels forever…I mean, come on y’all, I’m 28 years old! 

But, this time is a beautiful time I get to use to grow into the calling God has placed on my life, to build a life I love, and to look out for others who will compliment that life, and whose lives I can compliment.

Somewhere along the way, I have faith God will bring a partner.

For now, I will just enjoy the preparation.