Waiting For Capture

“Certain things will catch your eye, but pursue only those things that capture your heart.” – Ancient Native American Proverb

Confession time?

I have a list. You know, the list…

I’ve called it my “Him List”.
Honestly, it isn’t that hard to track down…it resides at the back of my Bible, a tradition I started in High School.

This list is much shorter now…much shorter.

But, one thing I added more recently is:


That’s right, one word: home.

There are a select few people I’ve come across that make me feel safe, like I’m home.

And, fewer of those are male than female.

Though, a greater number of males have “caught my eye”.

Confession 2? My eye is somewhat easily caught…

But, my heart? Not so easily captured.

So, I haven’t even thought of pursuing too many relationships past friendship.

Because what catches my eye and leads to the capture of my heart is a complete surrender to God. A passionate pursuit of Christ.

So, for my him it’s this sense of safety, sense of home, that will capture my heart.

Not in an ideal, everything will always be peachy kind of way, but in an even when things are rough, he’s a safe person.
Safe because of where his heart is hidden.
Safe because  God is at our center.
Safe because there is no question of his love or loyalty.
Safe because he’s my best friend.

Safe because he fought to capture my heart.

Safe because it was in surrendering to God that my heart was so captivated.

So, currently, I’m waiting.

Waiting & praying for capture.

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly, and then all at once.”
-John Green, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’