It Started with a Resolution…

This is the first of many Lovely Sunday posts.

As I’ve written before, 3 years ago (at age 23), I made a resolution to go on my first date…

Not just a first date, but THE first date…ever.

And, like I’ve said before, that didn’t happen. Not that year or the following year, so last year, I gave up that resolution. But, my cousin decided to make it for me.

She encouraged me to put myself out there, to work on me, and to see if I could get a date.

And, In 2014, I did go on my first date, had my first boyfriend…and thanks to the lovely world of online dating, had to fight off crazy emails and questions from, um, shall we say, interesting fellows…

You can read all about it under my Single Life & Dating tab. But, this Lovely Sunday thing isn’t completely about that.

It’s more about what God is teaching in the singleness, what I have taken from my relationships/friendships, and how the adventure continues.

Because, the adventure is waiting…And it isn’t for the faint of heart.

Published by Candice Jenee'

I'm 29 years old. A Christ-follower. LMFT-Candidate, counselor/coach. Chronically single - until Feb 10, 2018 when I married my Love. I have a passion for using writing to spread a message of faith, love, and healing to young people across the country. Much like everyone else, I have always dabbled in a lot of things. But, I’ve always had two main passions: Writing and Helping others overcome circumstances to live meaningful, fulfilled lives.

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