Dear Heart

It’s Sunday, but I’m doing a Five Minute Friday post. That means: 5 minutes, no over-thinking, no-over editing. Just pouring out my heart.

This week’s prompt is DEAR. And, I have written a letter, a letter to my heart & a letter to my love, who isn’t quite in my life yet. A simple letter of what I desire & what I hope to find. A young 20-something’s simple longing for a love to find her one day, in God’s time. Perhaps a little naive, perhaps a little too romantic. Perhaps a little far-fetched, but it is where my heart is…

Ready? GO:

Dear Heart & Love:

We may not be Cory & Topanga, but I’d like that kind of devotion.
We may not be Todd & Christy, but I’d like that kind of purity.
We may not be Chandler & Monica, but I’d like that kind of friendship.
We may not be Marshall & Lily, but I’d like that kind of playfulness.
We may not be Derek & Penelope, but I’d like that kind of flirtiness.
We may not be Luke & Lorelai, but I’d like that kind of patience.
We may not be Westley & Buttercup, but I’d like that kind of passion.
We may not be Eli & Katie, but I’d like that kind of adventure.
We may not be Four & Tris, but I’d like that kind of fearlessness.

And, dear Love, you may not know who many of these are, and that’s ok. Our story will be so much & more. It will be the day to day. It will be friendly & passionate, playful & patient, pure & flirty, a fearless adventure of devotion. Our story, penned by God, patiently awaited, will be my favorite of all.

I have no idea where you are, who you are, but I wait, knowing God’s timing is better than mine. 

And, dear Heart, I wait for His lead to bring us together. In Love. For. His. Glory. 

See you soon,
Love, Me