31 Days of – AGAPETOS – the Beloved

It’s October! That means my favorite time of year is upon us! I love fall, shorter days, longer nights; colder weather; comfy clothes; football; and holidays!

This October, it is my goal to write a post every day. It’s part of the 31 Day blog challenge, over at write31days.com.

This challenge couldn’t have come at a better time for me, and as I thought about the topic I’d write about, I thought about the ending of my relationship, the dating game I’d soon be back in, the freedom of walking in Christ, the overall feel of my blog…

Then, I looked at the title of my blog & realized That’s it! I’m writing 31 Days on being the Beloved. It encompasses everything I blog about, and everything I have been going through.

This is just an introduction, a peek into things to come…

31 Days on Beloved. Together, we’ll all learn what that looks like, and hopefully by the end, we’ll all feel the fierce love of our Abba wrapping us up in a God-sized hug & never letting go.