Unable to think or focus due to heartache, a cold, and, well, other factors, here I am getting around to writing my Tuesday @ Ten Five Minute Friday post(s)…

The themes are: HOPE & BECAUSE

Ready? GO:

Just because something is the right choice, doesn’t make it the easy one.

Just because a decision is the one you know you need to make, doesn’t make the outcome hurt any less.

So, you make the decision because it is the right decision. You choose to hurt now because you know it will be best in the long run.

You choose based on the hope that there will be something more. You decide based on knowing that there is a promise of life ahead.

And then, you pray that your hopes are realized because you made the right choice, the hard choice, the heartbreaking choice.

And after that, you get out a big bowl of ice-cream & wallow in the temporary hurt. You buy all the chocolate you want & allow yourself to feel all of the pain. You watch all your favorite movies & tv shows, while hoping to be distracted from the heartache. You call your best friends, you whisper the truth to your Abba, & you wait for the hurt to dull until it’s nothing.

And, as that starts to happen, you see hope again. Hope that life will become normal again. Hope that a brighter future awaits.

And you go on…because, life goes on.

Ok, at least, that’s what I’m doing this week…by the way, can someone pass the ice-cream?