Hold – Five Minute Friday

This week, I’m doing Five Minute Friday on Sunday, because I did Tuesday @ 10 on Friday. The Tuesday @ 10 prompt, CHOICE, has had me thinking, mostly because I have had a difficult choice to make recently.

The Five Minute Friday rules are this: write for 5 minutes, no over-editing. Just what comes. Then we link up at Heading Home with Kate Motaung.

This week’s prompt:


Ready? GO

Hold… On the heels of choice I find myself faced with the word hold.

And, God reminds me that He holds me in His hand. He holds my life, and he holds my choices. The choices I am able to make through His beautiful gift of free will.

You see, it is my belief that though God has a will for each of His children, He (in his infinite Love) grants us our choices. Though He holds our lives, we shape them. Though He guides, we ultimately create the path.

We can turn each choice to Him & He can turn even the messiest of our choices to our good & His Glory.

For me, I can see that God has an amazing plan for me. A call on my life to follow and serve Him. He has some pretty good things in store for me. I can see what my life can be if I let Him lead, if I give in to the hold on my life, accept the love & grace He gives as He guides.

He has some great things in store – if I will choose to live in His freedom. Focused on Him, not on the world around me.

However, being an anxious person, I tend to live contrary to this freedom. Living in a way that says I don’t believe in His love & grace. I tend to live in a way that doesn’t scream FREEDOM! But rather, CAPTIVE. I know this isn’t what He wants for me.

You see, I believe He gives us a choice to first choose what is in line with His will, even if it is contrary to our desire or mirrors our fear. But, if we don’t, He redeems bad choices; He uses mediocre choices; & He re-works those made out of fear.

Lately, I can feel him giving me the choice: Live & walk in freedom and have all He offers, or continue to act from a place of fear & settle…