It all began 4 years and 99 posts ago. I knew I had words burning inside, and a picture crafted by a college friend (this picture became my icon). The symbol of my dream. And, now, I have reached my 100th post. So, I go back to the beginning & take a turn in a new direction. Welcome to the new blog!

In honor of the 100th post, I want to give everyone a chance to read the first: Speak.

Published by Candice Jenee'

I'm 29 years old. A Christ-follower. LMFT-Candidate, counselor/coach. Chronically single - until Feb 10, 2018 when I married my Love. I have a passion for using writing to spread a message of faith, love, and healing to young people across the country. Much like everyone else, I have always dabbled in a lot of things. But, I’ve always had two main passions: Writing and Helping others overcome circumstances to live meaningful, fulfilled lives.

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