…Is usually “Hello” in disguise.

This week, 5 Minute Friday has become a 5 minute Saturday. I’m gonna write for 5 minutes, no overthinking, no major editing. Just writing for the love of writing (and the love of the prompt :o).


This week’s prompt was Good-bye.

Sometimes good-bye really means hello. As my favorite Shinedown song says: “Sometimes goodbye is a second chance…”

Things have been happening in my life and I am realizing that just because you have to say goodbye to someone, something or a certain situation, doesn’t mean things are over.

Quite the contrary actually. Usually, it means there is a new beginning happening. And that new beginning means it’s time to say “Hello”.

Though I rarely look forward to change, to those little (and big) goodbyes, I am learning to look at them not as goodbyes, but as hellos.

Hello to new opportunities. Hello to a new place to live. Hello to a new job. Hello to a new dream.

So, with that in mind, I ask you:

What are your goodbyes allowing you to say “Hello” to?

Published by Candice Jenee'

I'm 29 years old. A Christ-follower. LMFT-Candidate, counselor/coach. Chronically single - until Feb 10, 2018 when I married my Love. I have a passion for using writing to spread a message of faith, love, and healing to young people across the country. Much like everyone else, I have always dabbled in a lot of things. But, I’ve always had two main passions: Writing and Helping others overcome circumstances to live meaningful, fulfilled lives.

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