It’s that time again, 5-minute Friday. I am starting to love these.

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Grit brought to mind two things, the dirt in life, and the ability to keep going through it all.

Grit is being able to stand in the face of opposition. When others say what you are doing are foolish, even if you know it’s right, and doing it anyway.

Grit is learning from mistakes, picking yourself up, and moving forward. In spite of feeling foolish, you just learn and move on.

Grit is allowing Christ to pick you up out of your filth and clean you off. It’s allowing Him to work in you and through you, reaching out to others in their filth.

Grit means digging down deep, reaching into your depression, anxiety, or other ailments, and realizing that you have the power to dig it up at the root before it kills you.

Grit means Loving fiercely, laughing often, and carrying your cross daily.

I’m still learning, but what’s more, I have it. Not on my own, but because Christ is working in me to overcome the world.