Recently, God has been teaching me what it means to live in Freedom. I have learned what it is to live in a cage, slaves to sin and brokenness. I have learned that many of us, when given the opportunity to live in freedom are too afraid to make the move.

Galatians 5:1 tells us that Christ set us free for freedom, so as not to be bound again by sin. He opened up our cells and broke our shackles, allowing us an opportunity to experience true freedom. However, we can sometimes go back (or never leave) because the change is so big and the difference is so scary.

God showed me that was what I was doing in my life. Returning to be a slave to the anxiety and stress that had been my sin and brokenness, simply because it was how I knew to deal with life. God has been teaching me what freedom is and what it is not.

Freedom is NOT:
Living anxiously.
Worrying about how our decisions affect every person around us, trying to please them all.
Submitting to a life that makes us miserable simply to be “content in all things.”
Trying to mold ourselves to be anything other than what God created/called us to be.

Freedom IS:
Knowing who you are and whose you are, as we learn in Ephesians 1:45.
Knowing that we were created with a purpose, as we learn in Ephesians 2:10.
Knowing that God always has our best interest at heart, as we learn in Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11.
Hearing God’s call & following, ignoring those who would think us foolish (much like the disciples).

We can get so used to life inside our cages. We find sustenance and safety there because it is all we have known. But life outside is so much sweeter. God has created each of us for a specific function in His Kingdom. We are each His masterpiece, beautiful masterpieces created for His Glory. The only way we can truly live up to the call is to allow Christ to set us free and be free.

I invite you to leave the cage behind. Give everything to God, and step into the life of freedom He has waiting for you. I promise, you will be glad you did.